Strong Defender of Police

Heshy strongly supports President Trump and his Law and Order program. he will defend the NYPD against the Defund Police radicals and show them the appreciation they deserve.

“I will be the biggest fan of the New York Police Department in the City Council,” Heshy said. “I will fight every attempt to defund them or demean their lifesaving work. I understand that some minorities feel targeted by the police. To address that, I will call for a citizen-managed council to oversee the police. This will be an independent body made up of residents of each district. But police must feel that they are valued.”

The city’s 311 call center has been a failure from the beginning. It’s a waste of time and leads to frivolous calls. People should be redirected to their local community board when they call the help center instead of to a main switchboard that rarely helps them anyhow. Heshy will work to cancel the 311 call center and bring back something better.

Heshy has been visiting senior citizens every single week for decades, helping them and making sure they are cared for. He wants seniors to have access to wherever they want to go so he will work to expand the Access-A-Ride program and protect it from funding cuts.

Heshy has a plan to help get homeless individuals off the streets and into respectable housing.

“As a city councilman,” Heshy said, “I will be fighting not only for the 48th district but for the entire city. I have a proven record of fighting for the rights of everyone — of all ages, races and colors. As your councilman, I will be able to continue helping you, just now with better tools.”

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