Heshy’s Plan for Troubled Youths

Heshy has big plans to help the district’s troubled youths, many of whom have no home. Based on his decades of experience with these youths, Heshy wants to add youth centers and drub rehabilitation centers to the neighborhood.

“I want to help the quality of life, improve living conditions and help parents better educate the children in our community,” Heshy said. “I want to improve the wellness and job opportunities of the men and women of the 48th District.”

There is a grand total of just two youth centers in the entire South Brooklyn. This is unacceptable. We need many more in order to get youths off the streets. We have only one drug center — SAFE — in the entire area. We need more youth centers to save our next generation. There have been 92 suicides in our Midwood community this past year. We must also bring awareness lectures on drugs and depression to our yeshivas.

Postpartum depression in a very serious issue in our community. Other councilmen have secured tens of millions of dollars to bring organizations such as SPARKS to their districts. We do not have that in the 48th district. Heshy will be a fighter for these needed funds.

Many women in the 48th district have careers and jobs. They need childcare to be able to go to work. Heshy will make sure that there are afterschool programs in our schools and yeshivas.

Jobs is the single-most important part of the 48th District’s economic engine. But many youths do not have a job. I have a plan to work with businesspeople to get provide city tax breaks in exchange for creating jobs. This will save the city millions in welfare and in means-tested benefit programs.

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