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Heshy as a Community Activist

Heshy grew up with a sister who has Down Syndrome. That experience has helped him emphasize with those who require medical care and constant hospitalizations. He and his wife Linda have been helping special needs children and adults for decades. For over 30 years, Heshy tries to make it to the hospital every day, bringing sandwiches and fresh food for the patients. He visits inmates in prison every two weeks, bringing good cheer and a smile to those forgotten by society.

For the past seven years Heshy has been involved with Rabbi Mordechai Fisch of Khal Sheves Achim in Boro Park, sponsoring and boxing food for 107 mostly Bukharian families. He helps out at Rabbi Ozer Babad’s youth center in Boro Park, taking troubled youths off the street and into a warn environment.

All this has led me to begin a political career three years ago, when in 2017 a City Council seat opened when David Greenfield resigned. Despite the lateness, Heshy acceded to urgings by friends and others to get in. The experience gained on the trail, hearing people’s concerns and how politicians have forgotten them strengthened his desire to get into public service, early this time so he could win.

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