Heshy has fought all his life to prevent the frivolous nickel and diming of landlords and small businesses. In the City Council, he will craft and submit legislation to lower the interest rate and late payment fees for these fines. He will also create an annual amnesty for all fines, where people can pay their fines without worrying about late payment fees.


When Mayor Bill de Blasio closed the parks earlier this year and refused to reopen it even with strict social distancing, nobody stood up for the hundreds of mothers who needed an open space for their children to enjoy themselves. Weeks passed, the number of COVID-19 cases dwindled, and the parks still had those ugly chains wrapped around the gates.


Heshy has big plans to help the district’s troubled youths, many of whom have no home. Based on his decades of experience with these youths, Heshy wants to add youth centers and drub rehabilitation centers to the neighborhood.

“I want to help the quality of life, improve living conditions and help parents better educate the children in our community,” Heshy said. “I want to improve the wellness and job opportunities of the men and women of the 48th District.”


Heshy as a Community Activist

Heshy grew up with a sister who has Down Syndrome. That experience has helped him emphasize with those who require medical care and constant hospitalizations. He and his wife Linda have been helping special needs children and adults for decades. For over 30 years, Heshy tries to make it to the hospital every day, bringing sandwiches and fresh food for the patients. He visits inmates in prison every two weeks, bringing good cheer and a smile to those forgotten by society.


Heshy strongly supports President Trump and his Law and Order program. he will defend the NYPD against the Defund Police radicals and show them the appreciation they deserve.

“I will be the biggest fan of the New York Police Department in the City Council,” Heshy said. “I will fight every attempt to defund them or demean their lifesaving work. I understand that some minorities feel targeted by the police. To address that, I will call for a citizen-managed council to oversee the police. This will be an independent body made up of residents of each district. But police must feel that they are valued.”


Heshy’s long experience working with city government on behalf of people has given him a unique perspective on what has to be strengthened and what should be changed — or dropped entirely.

Heshy rose to national prominence when he restored ownership of New York City’s parks to its citizens. He will therefore be looking into reorganizing the Parks Department — there is too much bureaucracy there and not enough action for residents of the five boroughs.